EC announces they would declare the winner of the elections after 24 hours
Jean Mensah

The Electoral Commission(EC) led by its chairperson Mrs Jean Mensah has announced that they would be announcing the winner 24 hours after the election comes to an end.

Mrs Jean Mensah made this statement while having an interaction with some members of the Council of State on the steps taken by the commission in the build-up towards the elections which is just a few weeks away.

According to her, the commission has put in place things that would help them to declare the winner of the elections 24 hours later after voting comes to end on December 7.

“We are promoting some efficiency into the system. We have worked with our numbers and we have a duration within which the results should be transmitted.

“We are expecting that by the next day, we should be able to declare the results. We do not intend to go beyond 24 hours. And we are confident that God being our helper, because of the efficiency we have introduced into the processes, we should be able to declare results within 24 hours.”

Giving details on measures taken by the EC to ensure that results are collated on time, Ms Mensa said her outfit had allotted specific time frames for both polling stations and collation centres to sort the results.

“At the polling station level, we have given the polling centres an hour and a half to be able to send the results to the collation centre.

“At the constituency collation centres as well, we have provided them with three hours within which they will collate the results accurately and send the results to the regions. We are confident that we should have all the results before midnight and we are confident that come December 8 we should be able to declare the results.”

12 presidential candidates have been approved by the EC to contest in the upcoming election.

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