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Kwaku Manu has posted excerpts from his interview with Funny Face on his Instagram page.

The interview which was held at Funny Face’s Kasoa residence had the latter talking extensively about his relationship issues and mental health problems.

Both comic actors sat and delved into Funny Face’s baby mama drama on the Aggressive Interview show speaking about where the latter’s head is at.

Even though the video did not vividly show how the whole conversation went, both actors seemed to have had a fun time.

Kwaku Manu posed the question of whether Funny Face still loved his baby mama, Vanessa and he refrained from giving an answer.

He sarcastically responded by saying that it was a dumb question and asked if Kwaku had come all the way from Kumasi to ask him silly questions.


However, the full exclusive interview has been posted on Kwaku Manu’s YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, Funny Face has in a number of Instagram posts tried to make amends for his numerous outbursts and ranting during his scuffle with Vanessa over his twins.

The comedian has been putting out the idea that he still loves Vanessa and that he is ready and willing to marry her.


Funny Face Vanessa
Funny Face Vanessa
Funny Face Vanessa
Funny Face Vanessa

It would be beautiful to see the couple settle their differences and get back together. To be realistic, a nuptial ceremony, however, may seem farfetched at the moment.

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