A ‘Strong Breed’

Serenaded through the sombre path

in ‘Night Rain’

By ‘Song of the Goat’

In lyrics dotted by rain drops

Falling like dropping mangoes

On our profusely leaking tatched roof

Of currently tattered Nigeria

Where songs are



Terse and


Like stories of SARS

In a sense-starved land

Of absentee ‘dance of dieties’

You live now that ovation’s high

And sharpened knive draws near

The heart of the matter

You forewarned would.

Err the ‘Ozzidi Saga’ or

The macabre requiem of

That decay you neddled

Your sleep comes in deserved

Night when some sense still hive nigh

The choirs that would chant you



Good bye J.P.

Adieu dear gran-pa

Of daily departing proteges

For who survival have grabbed their tongues

For the chants you lived

To nurture

Brew and

Breed it’s founts


The Nation