Today is day 11 of the #ENDSARS protests and young people have declared that there is no backing down. A lot of Nigerians have taken to the streets in peaceful protests and despite being met with brutal force from the police, there is no stopping us till the streets are safe, SARS is truly off the road and the entire police system undergoes a reform.

#endsars protests
Cross-section of #ENDSARS protesters holding hands as they walk along the Yaba/Unilag Road. Image by Bishop Duke

There are many ways you can help out in this protest to spread the word and help get the ball rolling on ending SARS. Here are some of them:

  1. PROTEST! 

There are several locations in Nigeria where the protests are happening simultaneously. Meet up with people physically and lend your voice and strength to the cause. The movement is about all of us and we must work to make sure we get what we want which is #SARSMUSTEND. 

We will update locations every day so check our socials @thenetng for updates.

  1. DONATE! 

If you are not able to join the physical protests, it’s okay. You can also help by contributing to several funds that have been set up to provide medical fees for people injured, legal fees and representation for those arrested and also resources like food and water to the protesters.

The Feminist Coalition and Flutterwave have also set up donation funds to provide resources for people.

  1. ACTION!

As a governor, as a senator and as a representative of a constituent, you need to act in your capacity. The people have elected you into your positions, so you need to represent their best interest. You have the constitutional power to make the changes that we are seeking.

As a brand, lend your voice to the cause. Use your platform and even your influence to help the youth to secure the peace and safety that we need.

  1. TWEET!

As much as the movement is happening physically, it is also happening online. You can lend your voice (or hands) and make sure that #SARSMUSTEND, #SARSMUSTGO and any other related hashtags stage trending to raise worldwide awareness of what is happening in Nigeria.

A lot of people online have complained that the local media seems to be twisting the narrative of what is happening at the protests, despite the availability of video and picture evidence. It was through Twitter that Nigerians were able to get the attention of international media like CNN and Al-Jazeera. And also draw the attention of international celebrities who have also lent their voices to the cause.


if you cannot physically protest or donate or tweet, then you can render services. If you work in the medical line, or the creative industry, lend your voice in whatever way you can to the cause. Amplify the movement as best as you can. Writers, document history. Your words are what generations to come will read.


Legislators are elected personnel and have to answer to the citizens when things go wrong. Here is the list of lawmakers and reps that you can contact for your areas.

  1. PRAY!

Many believe this is still something that can work, and if your religion aligns, then you must pray. Pray for the success of the movement and the safety of the protesters.


If you are part of the security forces or police officer, stand back. Ending SARS properly is the beginning of a lot of reform that is needed in the police system. Reforms that when made, will benefit you too. So instead of intimidating them, join them to make sure the protests are peaceful. To demand a better work environment and benefits for yourself too. 

Above all, else be your sister’s keeper this season. If you see something wrong happening, make sure you get the affected people to safety. As you protest, ensure that you are taking steps to get yourself and others out of danger at any instance.

This is a fight for our right to live and for good governance. Do not lose hope. We will see it to the end.

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