A Nigerian man, Okuna Nelson, has gone viral after he posted a heartfelt birthday message to his ex-wife on Facebook on  November 12.

Nelson took to his Facebook page on Thursday morning to celebrate and wish his ex-wife a happy birthday and also share a heartfelt prayer for her.

He said his ex-wife did not wish him a happy birthday because she left him, revealed that he got her a gift but doesn’t know how to reach her.

Sharing photos from their wedding on his Facebook page and he wrote;

”I know you didn’t wish me happy birthday because you left but that’s won’t make me a wicked man or stop me to wish you well on your day, you’re the first woman in my life to mk me say i do in the alter of God . I remember when i got married to you i always wanted to give u a big surprise birthday gift but the chance was not given. Anyway i got the gift but you’re no where to be found. Happy birthday to princess. God bless your new home and give u a better man than me and all the happiness you deserve. Happy birthday”