Usman Abdullahi Koli


SIR: Nigeria got independence the same year with countries like Cameroon, Togo, Somalia, Ivory Coast and Mauritania but these countries have gone far beyond expectations in terms of development, infrastructure, and economic growth while leaving Nigeria behind. Malaysia got its independence in 1957, three years before Nigeria and now Malaysia is where we send our children for study, for medical treatment. United Arab Emirates, UAE got her independence in 1971, 11 years after Nigeria. It has become the most beautiful nation on earth with the tallest skyscrapers.

Ghanaians that once lived in our country as refugees are now far ahead of us. Why? Our children now prefer to study medicine, architecture and other disciplines there. South Africa that we helped now owns the biggest malls in my country; is a leader player in the banking and telecommunications sectors. So, who caused us these? The problem started when we began to kill each other because of political, religious and tribal differences; when we stopped helping each other, and when we all stopped recognising our shared humanity.

Today, no matter how good a leader from another place is, some would rather choose another who is not competent from his side of the country. Why because we don’t trust each other.

In as much as we want Nigeria to progress, to stand on its feet, to get ourselves out of the league of countries held down by corruption, hunger, insecurity and insurgency, we must be united and love each other. We are fighting each other, blaming government, condemning ourselves, throwing of vulgar words and accusing ourselves. This is not the way out of our dozens of problems as a people.

If we are to move forward, we must consider some measures. When it comes to elections, let us vote wisely; we should put competence and capacity of a candidate first; same ith his commitment and dedication. With this, our progress is assured. Let’s be our brothers’ keepers and stop judging ourselves based on prejudices. Forgive each other and let bygone be bygone

To be faithful loyal and honest, to serve Nigeria with all my strength to defend her unity and uphold her honour and glory” are the words of our national pledge. The task is a collective responsibility; hence must be collectively pursued. Let us help the government by being good citizens and the government should equally help us – after all, we invested our trust in them. Let us be more tolerant and exercise patience. We need to stand at ease and fight issues of corruption, tribalism and religious bigotry. Believe me Nigeria will surely be great again.


  • Usman Abdullahi Koli, Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic, Bauchi.



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