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I saw the Lord God at work. HE amazed me. I marked my birthday quietly, thanking God that HE made it possible for me to see another year, despite the raging storms around my life.

I received gifts I never expected that I had to  promise God that I had to bless some people with a percentage from it.

I told Him to place it in my mind anyone HE had in mind to use me for.However, I tried to bless some people in little little ways I could of my own without their asking.. This , they appreciated.

A week  passed when a call for help came.And U know what? It came from whom I had vowed never to help.We would talk but not to the extent of my own intentionally helping her.

Some years back, I had helped her without her asking. Then , she made me understand the problem the family was having that needed urgent financial attention. I told her I would help by the grace of God and I did.From that time, any little help I could render I was doing.

My time came to have her around me to help , though, I did not expect financial aids from her family,I was expecting concern and support ,her rallying round me.  She was not to be. Second time came, I was celebrating an event that she was aware  of , but she did not come or call or send prayerful text message.I was a bit bitter about her actions. I just said ,Ok, Lord. You said we should be helping people. I did to her a number of times. See what she was paying me back with.

Only for me to be informed  with that call  from her of  the current problems her entire family was having. It was so serious that Covid-19 added its own to it, her work and that of husband went into recession.They were having the challenge of lack and not having food for the children at home.A cry for help this time came.

The natural woman in me said, No,  Lord, I can’t do anything. For over three years,they did not remember I am existing. Now they needed help and they came The Holy Spirit reminded me that I should remember I had told God that whoever HE wanted me to help, I was prepared to help such.The internal battle started raging. But why her and not another.

Let many people benefit from me Lord and not some few people out of which there would be some  that would throw it back at me…. I kept on giving reasons why it should be another person or persons.

For two days, I did not respond. This thought filled me up morning, afternoon and night.I felt they should know that money does not come easily to be throwing about to ungrateful people.God was watching. The Spirit of God kept on urging me  on until I was left to do whatever I wanted.By that time, my resolve had melted.I then decided I would give them something which  was less than the amount I could have given them under normal circumstances.

The promises of God never fails I gave them a figure in naira ending with three zeros.

Not quite twenty four hours after the transfer, God made another person to send me back the same figure with four zeros.

Great surprise !It ministered to me  there and then that if I had given more, God would have caused people to give me more than what came my way.I knew  then that I was still bitter against them – the whole family –  In spite of my saying to myself that I had no one I was having any grudge  against.I still thanked God for the privilege of giving and for the heart that HE helped me to remould to yield to His prompting.

HE helped me and blessed me in return.

The Lord is God indeed. HE says a thing and it comes to pass. HE fulfills His Word. Praise the Lord for a change of filthy heart in me.I am not taking it for granted, Lord. Thank YOU and Thank YOU LORD

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