If you missed the Y’ello star party on Friday night, you missed a good deal. The contestants had the time of their life. They looked very happy to be out of the Hub and taking a break from all their lessons.  As part of the perks of bein gon the Y’ello Star competition, contestants are being trained by professionals from Berklee College of Music and Henley School of Business, in music and business, so it has been intense.  

After almost four intense weeks of training, rehearsals and performance, the contestants were due for a break. And did they break it down.These guys showed that not only were they talented on the Y’ello Star stage, they could also buss some moves.  

Dotti was the king of the dancefloor, bringing his usual flair of passion and joy to the dance floor. Oiza and Meyi showed us that two is definitely a party. Jesse Drums was not exempt from the fun, as he joined his peers in exerting energy on the dance floor. It was good to see a different, fun side of the contestants. 

The music streaming platform, MusicTime was the source of the contestants’ music. On MusicTime, you only pay for the music you listen to, similar to how you would use the airtime on your phone. 

Anchored by DJ Kaywise, the contestants were taken on a joy ride, backed by MC Sensei’s expert ginger. They also took time to shout out their families, friends, and new fans. You could tell that they were already excited at this opportunity to make their dreams come true. 

See pictures of all the fun below. 

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