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It’s now a common practice to see ladies wishing and dreaming of becoming actresses based on some of the photos they’ve seen about their favourite actors and actresses.

According to a Nigerian musician identified as Speed Darlington, the main reason for the rise in ladies becoming actresses is based on the fact that they to be noticed by politicians so they can have an affair and live a lavish lifestyle.

He went on to state that he has the complete list of some of these actresses who are in relationships with politicians who in return spoil them with goodies.

The outspoken musician called on his colleagues to come together to effect a change in the country in 2023 if the politician would be spreading monies meant for development on actresses.

Watch the video below:

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Speed Darlinton made it clear in the video that he would also be running for Presidency in the country and he would make sure he bring an end to that canker.

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