The  House of Assembly  of oyo state has denied contacting the speculative death of former Governor Abiola Ajimobi.

The spokesman, ADEBA Ogundoyin, asked for the receipt of this report on Friday.

On Thursday night, the media woke up to reports claiming that Ajimobi had died and the news had been relayed to the Assembly to pass on to Governor Seyi Makinde and across the state.

Speaking on the subject during the plenary session on Friday, Ogundoyin said he was shocked to hear the rumor, stating that at no time was it communicated or reported to the House.

He added instead of thinking about the former governor’s death, people should support with prayers and quick recovery.

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Ogundoyin said “I want to talk about the claims that an informative action was passed in the House of Assembly and, as I said earlier, about the rumor of the disappearance of former Governor Senator Abiola Ajimobi.

“I am here to expose myself that he did not communicate any news to me, no one called me regarding the death of anyone and, to my surprise, the vice president called me yesterday to inform me of the dissemination of the information, including the insinuation that he had been a message, sent to the speaker to relate it to the state of death of former Governor Abiola.

“The information is false, it is a lie and I am currently debating. And also, on behalf of the meeting house of the city of Oyo and the people of the state of Oyo, we pray for long life, good health, recovery Quick for our former governor and we pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen his family at this time and we also pray that, after all that has been said and done, we all come together to give God the glory of the former governor’s good health.