Another young woman pulling her weight, in ensuring the success of the #EndSARS movement is Funmi Oyatogun. Funmi is a travel enthusiast, who has lived in 3 countries and visited dozens of countries around the world. 


She attended the University of Colorado, at Boulder, Colorado between 2009 and 2012, where she graduated with a B.Sc in Geography and Environmental Studies. She also attended the University of Edinburgh for her Masters in Environmental Studies. Born in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, she credits the vibrant state for her zest for life and interest in seeing the world. 

She designs travel packages, tourism master plans, games and digital content to help people travel better. She also created the Fill in the Black, an enjoyable card game, that enables players to experience “blackness” from around the world. 

Funmi has been in charge of deployong funds and coordinating the general needs and welfare of the protest. Requests for assistance, products, funds, have been filed through Funmi’s Twitter account. 

Though the #EndSARS movement has largely been “leaderless”, the movement has been sustained so far, by self starters. Individuals who have through their selfless acts used their skills, intellect and sheer courage to meet the needs of the protesters. 



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