In spite of the peaceful #EndSARS protests that Nigerian youths have staged, they have been tear-gassed, hot water sprayed, shot at, and injured by the Nigerian government. The long-distance trekking, endless hours of standing in protest, shouting so that demands are heard, and getting sunburnt, Nigerian youths have been relentless and tireless. One of them is Rinu Oduala, who is standing tall in spite of the many reasons not to. 


Rinu is a 300 level student of chemistry from the Lagos State University, a Media Strategist and Digital Marketer. Activism, determination, and bravery are not new to Rinu. The #EndSARS protest is not her first foray into proactivity. In March, while certainty still filled the air about the Coronavirus, Rinu took to social media to volunteer the making of hand sanitizers, using her knowledge as a chemist. She galvanized members of the public to donate and contribute to securing the needed materials. The initial target was to prepare 10,000 bottles of sanitizers, but this target has far been surpassed. With #OperationSanitize becoming a movement, spanning several cities in Nigeria. 

The movement has been able to distribute 20,000 free hand-sanitizers to Oyo, Osun, Ondo, Ogun, Benue, Lagos, states, including the FCT. It almost then comes as no surprise that Rinu has joined her peers and colleagues in speaking truth to power. Not only is she protesting, she is also speaking out to the government and expressing the deepest hurt and disappointment of the Nigerian youth. 

This is someone that talks the talk and walks the walk.


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