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Van Vicker has hit out at politician, Shirley Ayorkor-Botchway for saying that parliament is for serious people and not for actors.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs in an attempt to discredit actor, John Dumelo, in his quest to become the Member of Parliament, suggested that politics is serious business and not a joke.

John Dumelo, representing the NDC, is in the race for the Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency’s parliamentary seat along with the NPP’s Lydia Alhassan- who is the incumbent MP for the constituency.

The honourable minister, Shirley Ayorkor, in endorsing Lydia called on the Ayawaso West community to entrust power back in the latter’s hand.

She questioned opponent, John Dumelo’s competence saying that Parliament is no place for actors but is for serious people.

Meanwhile, Van Vicker certainly does not subscribe to the assertion that politics is no place for people in the creative arts industry.

In a long post on Instagram, Dumelo’s colleague actor said that he understood that the political game involved saying the most thoughtless things just to score points but for the Minister to disrespect the Creative Arts Industry was ungracious.

In the award-winning actor’s candid opinion, that rhetoric must stop. He also called on his colleagues in the industry to condemn Shirley’s statement and to demand an apology.

Van Vicker Shirley Ayorkor-Botchway
Van Vicker Shirley Ayorkor-Botchway

Van added that politics involved making decisions to affect lives and the Creative Arts Industry plays a major role in keeping people entertained and soothed.

He affirmed that actors, actresses and musicians to mention a few were serious people and that Shirley’s statement was unfortunate.

Nonetheless, John Dumelo and Lydia Alhassan at a debate were involved in an altercation after the latter called the aspiring MP dumb.

Dumelo almost stormed out but sat through the rest of the debate following advice from members of his team.

We wait to see who gains the urge to represent the people of Ayawaso West Wuogon in a few days to come.

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